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Course of Studies

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See activities listing to the end of the year, availability, and who is in charge


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View people on the waiting list of a particular course or retreat.



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Email this to the Directors before the activity starts

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Check if a person has attended, booked or missed an activity

Course Information

Annual Course
Course Overview (Coming Soon)
Course Material (Coming Soon)
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Meditation Topics 2021 (Coming Soon)

Course of Studies
General information (Coming Soon)
Yearly Calendar​​​​​ (Coming Soon)

Course Information, Course of Studies

General information  | VIEW
Yearly Calendar​​​​​  | 

Annual Course Material 

Course I, 2021  | Christology VIEW
Course II, 2022  | History of Salvation  |  VIEW
Course III, 2023  |  History of Philosophy | Philosophy (Catholic Encyclopedia)  | Hist of Contemp Ideas, M Fazio


Retreats - Directors Information

Retreats | VIEW

How to look after a Retreat | VIEW
A handbook written by supernumeraries for supernumeraries 

Retreat Timetable | VIEW



Current Personal Details  |  Update

Spiritual Reading Resources

Spiritual Reading Planner  |  VIEW

E - Books  | VIEW

Spiritual Reading Book List  |  VIEW

Cooperator Circle Resources

Cooperator Circle Planner  |  VIEW

Online Resources

Freedom Online  |  VIEW
A self paced course with pre-recordings

The Creed | VIEW

Resources and further reading material


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