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Welcome to Bioethics

Teacher: Dr Beng Flores

Duration: 10 classes

Dates: 2 – 7 January 2023


Learning Objectives

  • Describe the scope of bioethics in general and biomedical ethics in particular.
  • Understand the importance of ontology and ethics in formulating bioethical decisions.
  • Distinguish contemporary bioethical theories including the four principles from natural law approaches
  • Apply natural law principles to bioethical cases
  • Develop a broad conception of bioethics that also seeks to provide a foundation for medical ethics and for other practices, professions, and activities that directly affect human life (at least in the biomedical context)




Course Description

Bioethics concerns itself with addressing questions about basic human values such as the rights to life and health, and the rightness or wrongness of certain developments in healthcare institutions, life technology, medicine, the health professions and about society’s responsibility for the life and health of its members. It explores issues relating to the beginning and end of human life, as well as the manner life is lived including sexuality and gender, and the environment. A key question in bioethics is “Is it right or wrong to treat humans in a particular way?”. To answer this, we will need to consider carefully what kind of a being a human is. This is thinking bioethically.

Subject Program

January 2          Bioethics & Foundations
January 3          Bioethics of Reproductive Technologies
January 5          Bioethics of Contraception & Abortion
January 6          Bioethics of Euthanasia and Care for the Sick & Dying
January 7          Bioethics of Gender Identity

Full subject program available here | VIEW


  • Exam (includes short essay on case study & short answer questions)
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Weighting: Short essay 50%; Short answers 50%


Bibliography/Reading List



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Magisterial Documents (Key ones in bold)


Beginning of life

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General topics

Address to an International Conference on Organ Donation—Pope St. John Paul II (2000)

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Sexuality and Gender

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on the question of gender theory in education, Congregation for Catholic Education (for Educational Institutions)