Q: How do I Register?
A:  Do the following:

  1. REGISTER: Click on the REGISTER button at the top of the webpage. Fill in the Registration Form. Click Submit. 
  2. ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT: Check your Email Inbox. This is the email address that you used in the Registration Form. You should receive a Verification Email from womensactivities.org which says: Activate Your Profile. Click this link to activate your account.​
    ​Note: This link helps us verify that your email address is real and that you are not a robot.
    ​Do not try to login at this point.
  3. AUTHORISATION: Wait for an Authorisation Email from womensactivities.org which says: Registration and Authorisation Complete
    Note: This email can take up to 24 hours to reach your email inbox.​ This email lets you know that the Admin team has given you official authorisation to use the website.
  4. BOOK: Now, you can go to womensactivities.org and Login. Do this by clicking on the User Login button at the top of the webpage.
    Note: You can only login if you have properly completed steps #4 and #5. If you try to login before these two steps have taken place you may encounter problems. 

Q: How do I book back into an activity that I previously cancelled?
A: It is common for users to have personal circumstances change which may affect their choice of booking. It is also common that some courses are more popular than others. However, for courtesy and fairness of distribution of places in each activity, students cannot book, cancel and rebook into the same activity. If you want to book into the same activity that you cancelled you will need to contact the Booking Coordinator  a.womensactivities.org@gmail.com 

Q: I can’t seem to find my verify email email. What do I do?
A: This is a result of default email security. This most likely happens with Telstra accounts but it can happen with other accounts as well e.g. Hotmail. Try the following:

  1. Check your Junk Email Folder. Remember junk email automatically deletes after 20 – 30 days
  2. If you know how to, whitelist Women’s Activities emails a.womensactivities.org@gmail.com, so they don’t go to junk email.

 Q: I am having Browser compatibility issues for the registration process.

A: The compatibility issues are due to the older versions of the browser. You may need to update your Browser. Chrome, Mozilla and IE, MS Edge and Safari (all drop downs work and all objects load in the correct location).

Q: I cannot book.

A: Have you verified your account? See “How do I Register”.

Q: How do I cancel my booking?

A: Do the following:

Once logged in, look under My Activities Table for a button/link that says: Update / View My Booking

  1. Under Booking Status you will see all your current bookings. If you don’t have anything booked yet, you will just see the message: No Records Found. Find the booking that you want to cancel and press: Edit.
    Note: If your screen is small, you may need to scroll to the right to see the edit button. 
  2. Change the status from Expression of Interest to Cancelled. Then press Update to confirm your changes. Your booking will disappear from the table.
    Note: This will automatically notify Admin that your booking is cancelled and your name will be taken of the list for that activity.
     Your now cancelled booking with appear in your Booking History table so that you can keep track of the activities you have booked, attended and cancelled. You may now find and book into a new activity.