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Sorry, we can’t reset your password 🙁

There are a couple of reasons why:

  • You have registered but with a different email. ​Try another email address.
  • You haven’t registered. We don’t recognise your password because we don’t know who you are! Why don’t you let us know who you are by registering? 
  • You’ve registered before but can’t log in. Well, you may not have 100% completed the registration process:
    1. ​​​Did you get an email that says: Activate your Profile? Did you click the link? No? Well, please check your email and click that link!
    2. After that, did you get an email that says: Registration and Authorisation Complete? No? Then wait for that email! Patience is a virtue 😉

Do not fear, help is on the way! If you are still a bit frustrated and lost, please send us an email: ​ and we’ll try our best to sort it out 🙂