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examination of conscience at night

Artist: Nacho Valdes

For two or three minutes before going to bed at night, do a brief examination of conscience.
Put yourself in the presence of God, recognising his greatness and your littleness. Ask your guardian angel for help so you can discover your virtues and your defects.
What could I have done well, what could I have done better?

P O S S I B L E    Q U E S T I O N S    T O   A S K   

O U R S E L V E S    F A C I N G    G O D: 

  • Jesus, have you been happy with me today?
  • Were you happy with how I lived the Mass, my prayers? Did I put you first?
  • Have I treated the others in the way your would have treated them; with respect?
  • Have I tried to make life pleasant for the others?
  • Jesus, have I given each myself to those around me today by being aware of their needs; by offering my help, by doing kind deeds without them knowing or any little acts of service that could have helped them? Help me overcome my pride and laziness.
  • Have you been happy with the sacrifices I have made today in the meals, in not complaining about things I didn’t like, in trying to be organized, in paying attention to everyone.
  • Jesus, because you said the truth, they nailed you to a cross. Have I been truthful and charitable?

Jesus, thank you for all the good things you have done for me today. Forgive me for all my sins and what I have done badly.
Help me to love you more and tomorrow specifically in …here you can make a resolution.