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TEACHER:  Fiona Cassar (fiona.cassar@gmail.com)


Almost the entire Old Testament was written in Hebrew.

“…God Himself spoke to them through the mouth of the prophets (and) Israel daily gained a deeper and clearer understanding of His ways and made them more widely known among the nations.” Dei Verbum, 14

Jesus, the Word made flesh, sent as “a man to men”, prayed with these texts – especially the Psalms and prophetic books. 

The study of the Hebrew language helps to better understand the way the ancient Israelites expressed themselves, and to grasp the wealth of meaning in the expressions used by the sacred authors of the Old Testament. Knowledge of Hebrew is a necessary tool for a thorough exegesis of biblical texts. 


By the end of this course students should be able to read and understand some basic biblical texts in Hebrew

PROGRAM (15 hrs)

  1. Introduction
  • Why study Hebrew?
  • Where did Hebrew come from? Hebrew in the Ancient World
  • The Hebrew text of the Bible
  1. Pronouncing Hebrew
  • The Hebrew Alphabet
  • Pronunciation
  1. Reading and Writing Hebrew

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Short exercises done after class (40%)
Open book test (60%)


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