Section 6 | Vatican II to the Close of the Second Millennium



  1. Opus Dei
  2. The Lead-Up to Vatican II
  3. Vatican II
  4. Reception of Vatican II
  5. The Pontificate of John Paul II


Vatican II to JPII  VIEW 

Reading List


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On Vatican II

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On the Post-Conciliar Period

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John XXIII: Coronation, Original Footage. (2.46 mins) VIEW

The Good Pope: John XXIII, 2003 condensed version. (1hr 57mins) VIEW

Paul VI. (3.24 mins) VIEW

Seven Facts About Paul VI. (3.32mins) VIEW

Paul VI Pilgrim Pope. (2.36 mins) VIEW

Paul VI Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (10 mins) VIEW

A Day with Paul VI: Centro Elis. (4.09 mins) VIEW

With More than 2,000 Participants, How Did Paul VI Manage the Second Vatican Council? (1.52mins) VIEW

John Paul I, The Smiling Pope. (2.03 mins) VIEW

John Paul II Visit to Australia, 1986. (7.15 mins)  VIEW

Karol: A Man Who Became Pope, 2005. (2 hrs 35 mins)

The Revolution of John XXIII: The Second Vatican Council (Rome Reports) 54 mins