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Welcome to Theological Virtues and the Virtue of Religion. 




TEACHER: Fr John Flader


“Grant, O Lord, that from faith in your Love, we may live each day with a love that is always new, in joyful hope”  Letter, 14 February 2017, 33

The three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity are studied in detail. This is done with a biblical foundation, considering the relevant writings of the Fathers of the Church and later theological reflection. We will cover the object of each virtue, its necessity, the acts through which it manifests itself, the gift of the Holy Spirit that perfects it and the sins that oppose it. The three theological virtues, in their unity, inform the whole of the Christian’s life. 

The virtue of religion is also key to understand the relationship between man and God. In the Christian, this virtue is informed by the theological virtues, which incorporate it into their dynamic. In this context, reference is made to two other virtues that also play an important role in the personal relationship between man and God: humility and obedience. These virtues are highly significant and far-reaching in the light of the intimate and direct relationship with God that Christian revelation makes known: they are the touchstones of the moral and spiritual maturity of the Christian.


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