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Introduction to Theology

Teacher: Flavia Bonita (email: xxxxx)

Duration: 15 classes

Dates: 27 December 2021 – 19 January 2022 



What you’ll learn

This subject will set the foundations to understand the nature and value of Theology.

We will look at the theological method, the role of Theology, the theologian in the life of the Church, and the relationship between theological work and the Magisterium of the Church. 

Students will acquire a deep sense of the roots of Theology in Biblical revelation, and become aware of the value of Tradition and of the authority of the Doctors of the Church, especially St. Thomas Aquinas.

We will explore the relationship between faith and reason, theological knowledge and other scientific knowledge, Christianity and culture, etc.

Finally, we will introduce the various theological disciplines, showing the connection and unity between them.

Course Description

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