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spiritual reading

Artist: Nacho Valdes

“Don’t neglect your spiritual reading. Reading has made many saints.”
The Way, 116 by St Josemaria


Spiritual Reading has been a traditional pious practice in the Catholic Church for centuries. It nourishes our spiritual life, enriches our ideas and builds up a healthy deposit of sound doctrine.

Unlike picking up a novel or magazine that we may enjoy to read for entertainment or light relief, spiritual reading is done with a spirit of prayer and contemplation. It is an encounter with Christ and opportunity to grow in holiness.

The reading of spiritual books has not only contributed to the conversion of many saints, but has also been a great antidote to false ideologies and an aid to persevering in following Christ.

During this retreat we will read:
Day 1: Friends of God, by St Josemaria, Chapter 3, Time is a treasure | VIEW
Day 2: Friends of God, by St Josemaria, Chapter 8, In the Footsteps of Christ | VIEW