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Listing of Courses and Retreats for the year including the roster for priest and people in charge.


Per Activity
Course Activities Report  |  Retreat Activities Report
Email this to the Directors before the activity starts

Per Student Attendance
Course Attendance ​ |  Retreat Attendance
Check if a student has attended, booked or missed an activity

Organisers Information

Organisers Information  |  View
General information, Retreat Kit, Organizational Charts

Supernumerary Course Material
Course Overview  |  Course Material  |  Timetable


Current Personal Details  |  Update

Online Resources

Freedom Online  |  VIEW
A self paced course with pre-recordings

Retreats Online  |  VIEW 
A retreat guide for those live streaming

Cooperator Circle Resources

Cooperator Circle Planner  |  VIEW

Spiritual Reading Resources

Spiritual Reading Planner  |  VIEW

E - Books  | VIEW

Spiritual Reading Book List  |  VIEW